Good practice matters

As the global organisation of the supplement sector, we believe that every single person has the right to expect high quality and safe products that are beneficial for their health and wellbeing. Every person should also know what they are buying and have reliable and accurate information to make choices for them and their family.

What is IADSA’s role?

For more than 25 years the International Alliance of Dietary and Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) has been at the heart of the supplements sector.

Our work has helped build legitimacy and confidence in the sector. Millions of people worldwide now benefit from supplements that improve their health and wellness.

IADSA continues to drive the sector’s ethical culture and integrity. Our Code of Ethical Principles helps guide the conduct of all involved in the supplement sector.

IADSA has a long-established track record of working with governments around the world providing the diversity of expertise needed to ensure that all consumers have access to safe and beneficial products and are protected from unfair, misleading and illegal practices.